About The Girl 

Full name is Siti Marissa bte. Mohd Faruk but I go by Marissa just because I don't think Siti suits me that well. I'm currently 21 & I turn a year wiser older every 17th February. To be really specific , Southern Indian, Baba Nyonya Chinese and Malay blood runs through my veins and I'm extremely proud of my family's diverse heritage but i identify as a Malay. I like to say I'm bilingual (English & Malay, obviously) but I'm pretty shit at speaking my native tongue, Malay because i sound damn kasar when i do speak it. I'm also currently studying Japanese which is a daily struggle but I'm surviving. 

I'm currently studying International Communication Studies w/ Jap at University of Nottingham Malaysian Campus, Semenyih. No it's not like IR & i will not end up being a diplomat. Just putting it out there to make it clear across the board hahah. 

When not fiddling with my phone or lazing in front of my laptop/tv watching a horror film, I can be found either listening to music or drafting haikus/unpublished blog posts. I play Touch Rugby competitively alongside my amazing Touch Rugby girls team, Notts Royals at uni. 

 Enjoying your own company is extremely important but on days when i feel like my own company isn't enough, i'll either pester my family or friends. I'm very much a family-oriented person and very defensive of the and anyone else i care about. 

Deciding to put my words out, was something I've been contemplating for a long time because there's gonna be a ton of consequences but going public will not change how i feel about this space.

I write to liberate. I write to express. I write to share. I write to write.

I write the way i speak because thats the only way i know how so its gonna be pretty all over the place, honestly. Structure isn't my middle name, serabut is.  I don't expect to inspire or enlighten anybody but if i do, Alhamdulillah I've done something right.

I'm merely a girl in her 20s, like a lot of people, still struggling to find a dose of fire and passion to put in my daily life. Also, hoping this is where i find myself documenting that search. 

For whatever reason you feel like contacting me, feel free to leave me an email
Don't be shy, i won't bite. 

Enjoy my random inconsistent nonsensical rambles xx


  1. Hey, I just wanna say that you are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my life. Honestly. I wish you well in all that you are doing. Just keep doing your thing, girl.

    1. *cries tears of joy* I doubt it myself but thank you so so much for letting me know, that's so well. Whoever you are & wherever you are, I wish you well too xx

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