Monday, 12 June 2017


R I G H T    N O W

Right now, certain things (actually just this one thing) in my personal life isn't going swimmingly well, I was finally able to pry myself out of bed for something a little more productive today.

  I got an internship @ Ash Be Nimble, a local startup fitness wear line! YAY

The interview didn't start great but once we progressed, it was great to hear everything i wanted to hear from the founder/my boss herself. She had to bring 1 1/2 year old daughter along but it only worked in my favor cause she loved me hahah. I had a couple issues with several internships i applied for this Summer but it all worked out in the end, I hope. I start this Thursday and I'm very excited to get busy again or in other words, excited to keep my mind occupied and distracted.

Right now, it's Ramadhan and I feel as though i'm not doing enough. I'm supposed to outdo myself anyways right? I don't feel like i'm doing that this year but I'm glad I'm actively aware of it & i wanna do something about it.

Right now, (big deal here, clearly), I started drawing and painting agaaaiann aaagghhhh. It's obvious my mental state/mood has a direct affect on me creating/re-creating but i think it's the best way to sublimate it, by spitting it out in any shape or form. Write, draw, paint, photograph. Always feels to good to create even if the expectations i put on myself feels like a ton on my shoulders. Honestly feels awkward to write publicly again but ill get the hang of it soon.

Right now, I'm trying on the coffee scrub craze while waiting to head out the door to see Sof who I haven't seen in forever! We have a ton to catch up on so it's gonna be a long night.

P.S Coffee scrub was a dud for me. 

Salam Ramadhan everyone xx

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