Friday, 21 October 2016

Busy Bee

Current situation:
On my bed, starting my 10 day Halloween horror movie marathon with The Rite starring Anthony Hopkins. I've probably watched this movie at least 5 times but i love it. I love the question that the movie revolves around. Briefly, it is about a guy learning to become an exorcist but doubts his own faith, even in the devil itself.
"Just because you don't believe in the devil doesn't mean he doesn't exist. Be careful because it might even want to prove his existence to you, and trust me that's the last thing you want."

I finally have some down time after what was another hectic week. I feel like I've been saying that at the end of every week so far hahah. But furreal though, i didn't have any real down time at all this week. I usually have Wednesdays off and I use that time wisely! I usually study from 10AM till i have Zumba at 6PM. But this week, fuhhh. Honestly my own fault, i can be so kelam kabut at times and stress myself out over the solutions of my problems. Have to give props to Fariz for helping me out that day.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Photo Diary: UNMC Rugby 16/17

N  O  T  T  I  N  G  H  A  M

K  N  I  G  H  T  S   &   R  O  Y  A  L  S

My tiring, eventful and fun 2nd Week at uni revolved mostly around Rugby.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

First Week Done & Dusted

 It's only been the first week of my 2nd year and it was already pretty damn hectic, both mentally and physically exhausting. One thing about me, my mental state can stay preeeetty okay (besides the usual panic of fak so much to do) when I'm busy but my body is weak. I can easily over exert myself if i keep myself too busy and get sick. Which I am right now & so are a couple of my other friends. Maybe its just something thats been going around.

Studies wise, nothing is heavy yet other than 日本語 (Japanese), duh. I am easily the weakest in that class, stuttering my way mid sentences. I think its because Japanese was never my first choice language to take anyway but I've decided to just pull through it and survive. Keyword here: survive, on an average of 50 and buck up on my other subjects. Thats the best decision i could make.