Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Food For Thought #1

When did my life become a series of calculated decisions and actions?
I can't put my finger on exactly when but i really wish i could.
I never had to try so hard.
I never had to tiptoe around the things i do 
to make sure i didn't accidentally break something that i eventually had to fix.
to make sure i didn't piss somebody off.
to make sure i didn't give another person the wrong impression of me.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Midnight Sahur

I hate to admit but right at this moment, I'm watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians whilst having a McDee's chocolate sundae with fries yum. Unhealthy diet for both my mind and body.
KUWTK is such a guilty pleasure of mine, other ridiculous reality shows are also my guilty pleasure like The Bachelor. I think the fundamentals of The Bachelor is so so funny. I could not recommend it more if you wanna have a go and laugh at what these girls put up with to find "love". Seriously.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Non-blood sucking vampire.

S  E  C  O  N  D     W  E  E  K


Considering the fact that my wallet has been fairly thin after the first week of puasa, i was surprised as to how i managed to still get out of the house and communicate with people other than mah fam.

Monday: Humble Chef with Sofea Dzak and Anwar > Met up with Mat, Dem, Irfan & Mik @ Maistreet
It was really good to see Sof and of course not even a minute into seeing each other we were laughing. She told me to call her cause she was stuck, scared that moving her car would hit the Audi next to her but she was faaarr off hahaha. She was so stressed out to go get a legit parking near Humble Chef and took the first one we came across and walked down the whole way together, sigh so funny. It's probably a you-have-to-be-there-for-it-to-be-funny kind of thing lol. She had to leave after that and i tagged along to Mai with Anwar and Dzak.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

To fast is to cleanse.

R A M A D A N   K A R E E M

I'm not the most pious person in the world but during Ramadan i try extra hard to make sure I'm a better Muslim. This is all, of course, very personal but I think it's important to say these things out loud. If you ask me, I do feel closer to Him every time this holy month comes around. I do a lot of self-reflection and although I am going through a hard time dealing with some things in my life right now, i do not doubt one bit that He will not put me through something like this without me coming out stronger at the end of it. 

I am guilty for praying harder only when times are hard and i need help. It's not entirely a bad thing, i know we're meant to look for guidance but i also know i need to thank Allah SWT more often and whisper Alhamdulillah to myself every morning for all that I'm blessed with.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Ramadan Kareem

F  I  R  S  T    W  E  E  K

Monday was my first official day of fasting, i had to skip the first week of Ramadan due to being...a woman. I got really sick (like demam, runny nose & sore throat) on Saturday which was a total bummer.The whole weekend i was pretty much passed out on my bed and stuffing myself with  whatever was in the fridge to make me feel better.

I thiiink i only left the house Sunday night for terawih + drinks at Mai with my friends. I prayed with my family at the mosque near my home and met up with my friends at Mai soon after. That was also the night i successfully extended my curfew!! Hahaha. By 1 hour no less but still, from 11pm to 12am.  Most of my friends, even the girls don't even have curfews so this is pretty big deal for me lol. It was good to get out of the house and interact with people other than Musa (my baby nephew) & my 5 cats. 

Monday // 13.06.2016 @ Jibby Chow
 I had made plans with the Notts girls (Sha, Tania, Sofea & Nina) for my first time breaking fast this year. We pre-ordered and made reservations at @ Jibby Chow in Subang Jaya & i was hella excited cause i was hella hungry. I lost track of time and picked Sha up 15 minutes later than i was supposed to because i had to pump the gas, 630PM we were off and of course ended in the jamz y'all. 
It was bad. It was bad like, 

"Do you think sempat if i go down right now to that mamak and get us couple of papadoms to buka in the car?" 
"Sempat doh Sha actually. Capati kosong dua sikit. The cars are all lined up anyway"

This went on for quuuite a bit until it was too late for either of us to get anything from that mamak hahaha. It was really funny because we both knew we were actually dead serious. Tania unfortunately couldn't make it out of the 5 of us and i was legit upset about it, haven't seen that girl in so long since we ended our first year together. I miss her sarcastic humor and her crazy antics. 
All of us were pretty late for buka & probably sat there in silence eating for at least 10 minutes after Snapchatting everyone our glorious meal. I don't know if it was because i was fasting + being held back 20 minutes from breaking my fast, but everything was really good. I finished my bowl of rice so quickly. Besides the yam, everything else was aces.

Friday, 10 June 2016


P  R  E  S  S     S  T  A  R  T

Throwback to 2014

For a looooong time, I thought i needed to have almost everything in my life sorted out before I even begin to decide pressing publish on any of my posts for "all" the world to see. I know now that i will never truly have my shit together lol because that's just how life is. And not just mine, I'm sure others feel the same way (Ya Allah, I hope they do because that would be really comforting to know rn). 

I had officially (besides obtaining my results) ended my first year of degree last Saturday! It's surreal. I thought it would feel like a weight being lifted off my shoulders but it really doesn't. If anything more weight has been put on my weak boney shoulders. 
Yknow, i had no idea that the first year of degree was merely a qualifying year. Yea i know, nobody told me nor did i know enough to find out myself...It basically means my grades don't mean squat at the end of my degree ha hahah ahaha. It's a good thing in the end i suppose but also would have spared me a lot of stress during those two semesters where i had more than a couple breakdowns had i known those grades on my screen won't be reflected back at me later on in the years.