Sunday, 31 December 2017

Bye for now.

I've been rewatching the series Friends again for the ... umm i lost count .. but i feel like it's at least the 6th time or so lol. If it's not obvious enough, i love this series so much and although for the most part it's just really funny, i find it so refreshingly relatable in a real world sense. Not like Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl or How to Make a Murderer. Real world problems like the ones Rachel had when she decided to live in the city. The character development Rachel Green goes through from the first season to the tenth, it's inspiring for someone who sees herself exactly in that position but can't really picture her own self-growth in the next 9 seasons of my life.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

That time of the month again, girls.

It's about to get real graphic... 

Like most girls out there, I do not look forward to a visit from Bloody Mary every month. It's just such an overall hassle and unconformable and of course, the pain that comes with her on the day she chooses to announce herself. I could go on and on about the cons of this cycle but i'll cut straight to the solution. 

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

"I never once in my life when i started to grow apart from these people did i ever think that i was better than them. It's just i stopped relating to them. We couldn't have the conversations that we used to because my mentality was different and there's was the same. Or maybe their mentally changed and mine was always the same." David So

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Half way mark.

Greasy hair               
Unmotivated gaze    
Coffee in hand          

I'm at the half way mark of my last year in uni.
Currently perched at my new fav study spot facing
a window, wet from the rain, beaming natural light on me. I had a submission yesterday & now I'm working on 3 more + studying for 2 tests before the final exams roll in. Only thing keeping me intact at the moment is my Mossery planner, helping me be a lil more efficient with my time on top of my FYP and rugger secretary duties. You would think I'd be too busy to think about anything else but times like these is when i seem to self-reflect the most.
Recently, had a conversation with a friend I've gotten really close to about being average. I've mentioned before abt how I'm acceptive of me not being the best of the best at anything I do. She feels the same way but she isn't ok with it & i think i really need to start adopting that mentality, without self-deprecating myself too much. To not be content with what/where i am in order to progressively be better as an individual. I guess Ive gotten to a point of trying that's stopped me from comparing myself with others (the best). I do work hard and try my best but it's never to be the best at it. Maybe I need to believe in myself more? xx